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Care Instructions

With a little careful attention, your items will bring you and your church much joy for many years to come. We recommend pressing or steaming with medium heat from the reverse side. We suggest avoiding your typical budget neighborhood dry-cleaner. These types of cleaners often use a solvent called perchlorethylene (referred to as perc). This solvent is comparable to gasoline and is quite harsh on garments and has an unpleasant smell. GreenEarth Cleaners use a silicone (sand) based solvent that is gentle and effective and also free of any odor. A store locator link is provided below to help you find an affiliate near you. If you can find a GreenEarth Cleaner with an established reputation with Bridal and/or Formal Wear that is even better! Ask the dry-cleaning staff to SPOT CLEAN ONLY if the stole is not fully soiled. This method will usually remove small smudges, food, makeup etc.

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