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What the faithful see outside places of worship, inside, and online for any religious event helps to set the tone and supports your message.

Jeff Wunrow is dedicated to helping you accomplish that mission through our creation of inspiring processional banners, seasonal paramounts, and liturgical textiles. Our frontals and paraments adorn altars and lecterns in churches of all sizes and faiths. Customers of all faiths have come to know our signature pastor stoles, deacon stoles, chasubles, and copes. Jeff Wunrow’s textiles are hand-made of fine silks, beautiful cottons, lush Ultrasuede, and even hints of metallic lamé. LGBT rainbow pride celebration stoles?  Designer priest vestments? We’re your source for custom religious apparel carefully hand-made in the USA!

Custom Church Banners and Paraments

EZ-Order Circle and Dove

A custom look for a unique experience
Our designs are transformed into banners and paraments of sizes for every occasion. As paraments and banners only differ in where they are seen in a sanctuary, any design you see on our banners and paraments pages can be rendered in any color and adapted to almost any size piece, from the smallest lectern scarf to the largest banner. Our processional banners and seasonal banners grace sanctuaries across the United States.

Banners can be created for both indoor and outdoor use. They are designed to convey a message through words, symbols, images, design ideas, and even architectural elements. If you have a specific different design requirement in mind, we can work with you to create the custom church banner or custom parament that you envision. Just as our clergy banners do, our paraments set the atmosphere in the sanctuary and in places of worship. We offer a multitude of traditional as well as modern design options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or if you need a custom paramount, our team is ready to assist you with complete service in the church banner creation process from the design to fabrication!

Damascus Stole for Clergy
Damascus Stole

Clergy Stoles

Stoles are yet another clergy vestment that draw the eye. We have a vast collection of stoles in designs including pastor, deacon, byzantine, and other designs. These stoles, worn across the shoulders, come in a wide variety of patterns, designs, and colors.

Our clergy apparel is made for everyone! Jeff Wunrow’s catalog also includes a selection of gay pride clergy stoles and LGBT rainbow clergy stoles. Gay pride clergy stoles and stunning, full-color clergy rainbow stoles can visually send a message just as powerful as words can.

See our collection of clergy stoles for inspiration, perfect for celebrations of every kind!

Priest Vestments

We welcome you to choose from priest vestments including chasubles, dalmatics, copes, scapulars and mitres. These, much like all other liturgical textiles we create, are available in virtually any color combination and design so custom vestment designs are only limited to the imagination.

Liturgical Cope Designs
Liturgical Cope Designs

Our history of creating traditional priest vestments as well as modern religious apparel has served many denominations including:

  • Episcopal
  • Presbyterian
  • Methodist
  • ELCA Lutheran
  • United Church of Christ
  • Disciples of Christ
  • Catholic
  • Unitarian
  • Roman Catholic
  • Non-denominational Faiths

Wearers of our gorgeous clergy vestments can include reverends, chaplains, primates, bishops, archbishops, diocesan bishops, prelates, vicars, pastors, priests, deacons, deaconesses, ministers, and others. Whether you are shopping for the smallest altar accessory or reevaluating your entire collection of vestments and paraments, we would be honored to work with you to create something perfect for you. Our team is passionate about the products that we create!

A clergy liturgical vestment quick definition reference:

  • Chasuble: Often in the color of the liturgical season; clergy often wear a chasuble over a white robe as it is the outermost layer of priest vestments unless a cope is worn. The chasuble represents charity covering a lot of sins
  • Cope: Cope vestments can be described as a cloak with a front opening that can be tied together with a band or decorative clasp. The cope goes over the stole and on top of the surplice or alb. The liturgical cope is worn outside of Mass or the church. For instance, the cope can be worn during a procession or somber occasion
  • Scapular: From the Latin word scapule, or “shoulders,” this vestment is most commonly worn by Roman Catholitcs and Lutherans as a symbol of the pledge to the the Christian way of life; common colors seem in scapulars include brown, blue, black, red, and white with other, less commonly colors such as purple
  • Mitre: Representing a senior or elevated position, this is a ceremonial headdress; lay clergy typically do not wear them and they are often seen during special occasions such as processionals. Most bishops and the Pope can be seen wearing Mitres
  • Stole: A long band of colored cloth, about 2-4 inches wide, that is only worn by priests, deacons and bishops. Stoles are worn to represent ordained ministry and are presented at the time of ordination. In the Roman Catholic Church, stoles are worn to symbolize immortality
  • Paraments: Paraments are the cloth hangings on the alter, pulpit, and lectern. Just like vestments, parament colors will change to reflect the color of the liturgical season, such as Easter and Lent

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