Creating Contemporary Liturgical Textile Art Since 2005

What Inspires Me?


Computer Glitches

Some of the most amazing discoveries are completely accidental. I do my design work in a computer software package that I taught myself how to use and I am much better with a sewing machine than I am with this software. While working on a design that included strong thorn-like shapes, I accidentally hit a […]

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Early on in my career I was asked to create a set of stoles for the director of the Lutheran Deaconess Association. The interesting twist was that they wanted to solicit design ideas from their members. When all the ideas had been gathered, I sat down with the client and we worked out how to […]

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Client Artwork

I am occasionally asked to create a stole based on artwork produced by someone else. The challenge here is to adapt that artwork to the unique canvas of a stole, which is only five inches wide on both sides of a gap that varies with the body of the wearer. My usual approach is to […]

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Church Mission

I was approached by the pastor of a new Disciples of Christ church to create a banner that would capture their identity. The church itself grew out of a mission to provide for people in need by running a thrift store that raised funds and donated clothing to their neighbors. They were immensely proud of […]

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