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What Inspires Me?


Church Logos Replicated

While sometimes the goal is to create something inspired by a logo that goes beyond the source material, sometimes what’s needed is a faithful replica of the original artwork that can be used as part of an organizational identity. These two pieces are examples of banners that did that quite successfully. It can be hard […]

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The Art of Sol LeWitt

While at a conference in Des Moines, a friend and I visited the DeMoines Art Center where I saw this painting by Sol LeWitt. I was taken with the dynamic beauty of this piece and I remembered it for years after. One of the struggles of this work is that so much time is spent […]

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Sometimes I like to challenge myself to convey a significant theme in as simple and streamlined way as I possibly can. These three nails accented by radiant purple silk dupioni are the very essence of Good Friday and an elegant complement to other Lenten parament designs.

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Church Logos Interpreted

I am often asked to create banners based on church logos. The challenge is to interpret and expand upon the original design rather than just reproduce it. The banner for St. Martin’s Church was based on the cross etched into the brickwork on the side of the church building. To emphasize the diversity of the […]

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The Art of Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges is an artist working in a variety of media. When I saw an exhibit of his work at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis I was particulary captivated by his huge curtains comprised of silk flower petals hand stitched together. When a favorite client asked for something special for Easter, I thought […]

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Shopping Mall Decor

I was shopping one day and saw they had decorated the food court area with huge stylized leaves, which gave me the idea to explore different ways to use a minimal leaf motif on a set of paraments. The result was an elegant design that conveys the season of growth during ordinary time.

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Church Architecture

One advantage of custom paraments is that you can incorporate small details that create something that would be beautiful anywhere, but are clearly designed for your space. In each of these superfrontals, the contoured hem echoes arches in the chancel architecture. A Gothic arch over the chancel or a softer curve in the woodwork around […]

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