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What Inspires Me?


Interfaith Activism

One of the first things I did as I was beginning my business was to create a banner for an interfaith organizing project for the LGBT advocacy organization I led for ten years. The idea at the time was to depict how different faith traditions could organize around a single goal. This resulted in overlapping […]

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Chancel Furnishings

For a local commission I visited the church to meet with their altar guild and find inspiration. I was taken with their presence candle, which is suspended in an orb of overlapping ribbons of steel. I worked with that idea until I struck upon this selection of overlapping circles and ovals which created both a […]

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Bulletin Covers

Some bulletin covers rise to the level of art, but even the best ones are limited by the medium. Early on in my career I saw a variation of this design on a bulletin and thought I could improve upon in by bringing it into three dimensions. The raw, unhemmed silk captures the rawness of […]

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Wallpaper Designs

I was browsing fancy wallpaper designs and dreaming of home improvement projects when I came upon one with intricate swirls which caught my eye. I simplified the design to make it easier to recreate in fabric, and changed the color palette for a custom client. It was so successful we adapted it to liturgical colors […]

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Tattoo Designs

When looking for a new way to represent Pentecost flames, I came across a Celtic-inspired tattoo that suggested flames in a striking way. I adapted this shape and used it in a variety of sizes and materials to get a complex new look for Pentecost.

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I often say that I am drawn to larger designs that can be appreciated from the back pew, because there is always someone in the back pew. I don’t care for small motifs that can’t be fully appreciated until you get up close. In creating this Lenten frontal, I scaled up a crown of thorns […]

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Previous Work

Designs that are simple, elegant and adaptable to any liturgical color are an ideal addition to my product line. To find my most recent such design I was revisiting custom projects created for past commissions. I found one that caught my eye because of it’s bold lines that swoop and intersect to create shapes that […]

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Origami Crane Mobiles

As chair of my church’s Arts Committee we taught everyone in my church to fold origami cranes to create a mobile for a special liturgical season of peace and justice. The finished piece was circular and hung down 11 feet in the front of our church. A friend of mine suggested the strings of cranes […]

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Magazine Ads

I regularly clip magazine ads that capture my eye, and I was particularly interested in a few that featured a perfect grid of circles in different colors that create a larger image. I tried to adapt that idea to fabric but realized that it would be too difficult and time-consuming to create at a sewing […]

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The labyrinth is an ancient design which is very meaningful to many people. Interpreting that as a vestment is a challenge, especially adapting a circular shape to a non-circular vestment. For the chasuble, I focused on the center of the classic Chartres labyrinth and made that an emblem on the chest, and adapted it for […]

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