Jeff Wunrow is a liturgical artist creating beautiful contemporary textiles for churches and clergy all over the world. Call us for banners, chasubles, dalmatics, paraments, clergy stoles, deacon stoles, and interfaith designs.

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Advent Purple Parament 2
Custom Stole 1
Purple Tunicle 2
Purple Paraments
River of Life Lenten Parament
Purple Tunicle 1
Crown of Thorns Chasuble 3
Labyrinth Stole
Custom Stole 3
Purple Spirit Parament
Advent Purple Superfrontal
Interfaith Lotus Stole
Custom Stole 2
Purple Scapular
Calvary Banner
Eloi Banner
Kailua Lenten Banners
INRI Banner 2
INRI Banner 1
It Is Finished Banner
Lenten Chasuble 1
Lenten Chasuble 2
Lenten Banner
Horizon Parament
Horizon Parament
River of Life Parament
Lenten Spirit Paraments
Advent Spirit Paraments
Lenten Spirit Parament
Advent Spirit Parament
Trinity Processional Banner
Purple Chasuble of silk dupioni.
Lenten Frontal of silk dupioni, cotton and Ultrasuede.
Purple Parament of silk dupioni.
Crown of Thorns Parament
Annunciation Banner
Purple Advent Parament 1
Silk dupioni and silver lame'.
Silk dupioni and gold lame'.
Silk dupioni and silver lame'.
Silk dupioni and silver lame'.
Silk matka, cotton, silk dupioni and ultrasuede.
Silk dupioni and gold lame'.
Silk dupioni and gold lame'.
Purple Bethel Botanical
Rivermont Advent
Rivermont Lent
Shooting Star Parament
Trumpets Parament
Crown of Thorns Parament 2
Footwasher Deacon Stole
Purple Horizon Scapular
Three Crowns Chasuble
Celtic Cross Advent Parament
Jerusalem Cross Parament
Purple River of Life Scapular
Woven Advent Parament
Shooting Star Parament