Jeff Wunrow is a liturgical textile artist creating beautiful handmade contemporary textiles for churches and clergy all over the world. Call us for banners, chasubles, dalmatics, paraments, clergy stoles, deacon stoles, and interfaith designs.

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Lenten Array Conical Chasuble
Lenten Array Conical Chasuble
White Baptism of our Lord Banner
White and Red River of Life Chasuble
White Coral and Aqua Art Deco Chasuble
White Classic Dalmatic
White Star of Bethlehem Frontal
St. Paul's Dalmatic 1
White Fractured Parament
White Fractured Cope
White Fractured Dalmatic
White Fractured Dalmatic
White Fractured Chasuble
White Triumphant Parament with Trumpets White
Scribble Parament White
Scribble Cope White
Scribble Chasuble White
White River of Life Parament
Simple White Parament
White River of Life Parament
White and Blue Spirit Superfrontal in silk dupioni, silk matka, cotton and gold lame'.
White and Blue Spirit Parament in silk dupioni, silk matka, cotton and gold lame'.
White Ribbon Chasuble in silk dupioni, cotton and gold lame'.
White parament in silk matka, silk dupioni, silk jacquard and gold lame'.
Triumphant Chasuble White
Triumphant Parament White
Fisher of Men Chasuble
Grace Banner White
St. Michael's Chasuble
Silk dupioni and gold lame'.
Silk dupioni, cotton and synthetic.
Synthetic and ribbon.
Silk dupioni and cotton.
Silk dupioni, cotton and gold lame' trumpets.
Silk dupioni and cotton batiks.
Silk matka, silk dupioni and cotton.
White and Gold Celebration Frontal
Festival Tunicle 1 White
Festival Tunicle 2 White
Festival Tunicle 3 White
Festival Tunicle 4 White
Festive Easter Chasuble White
Silk matka, silk dupioni and cotton.
Silk matka, silk dupioni and cotton.
Silk dupioni and silk necktie fabric.
Easter banner of silk, cotton, gold lame' and silk flower petals for Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Louis MO  (2010)
Silk, cotton and synthetic for Grace Episcopal Church in Liberty, MO (2010)
Emmanuel! White Banner
An Easter banner in a figure/ground design of cotton, silk and ultrasuede. (2007)
Easter banner of cotton, silk and synthetic created for Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Louis, MO (2009)
In the Triumphant Collection, diagonal lines of different fabrics create a backdrop for text or symbols of other embellishments.
Silk dupioni.
A custom parament in cotton, silk, synthetic, and beads.
Silk dupioni with St. Michael's crosses in dupioni.
White Spirit Parament
Spirit Paraments  White
Liberty White Celebration Banner
White Easter Lily Botanical Banner
White Horizon Parament
White Classic Chasuble

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