Jeff Wunrow is a liturgical textile artist creating beautiful handmade contemporary textiles for churches and clergy all over the world. Call us for banners, chasubles, dalmatics, paraments, clergy stoles, deacon stoles, and interfaith designs.

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Celebrate your Community

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Banners, particularly processional banners proclaiming the name of your church, are made much more personal and meaningful by incorporating fabric donated by the members of your congregation.  These two examples show how these snippets of fabric can be incorporated into a cohesive design.  By setting a few parameters, such as color, size or fabric type, you can ensure a finished product that reflects your community for years to come.

processional banners

What Inspires Me? The People of My Parish.

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Trinity Cathedral BannerMy parish in St. Louis has been my spiritual home for twenty years.  I wouldn’t be where I am without them.  When given the chance to design a banner to represent us, I wanted the banner to reflect the blending of the traditional and contemporary elements of our worship and highlight the unique character of our church family. The Eucharist is central to our worship, so the chalice and host was a natural choice of image.  The text is set in an elegant older font, but the irregular outlining of the chalice is a modern touch. The host is comprised of small squares of fabrics donated by members of the church. Some of those squares lay outside the outline of the host, because we are well known for pushing the boundaries in our worship, service and community, and there are empty areas in the host because there is always room for new people to join us.  I think this banner represents the nature of our faith community as well as any single object could.

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