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Custom Design Process

Aside from the stoles available through the Stole Store, all of my work is custom order. This means that you can purchase liturgical pieces that have been designed to perfectly complement your sanctuary and your church. Banners, vestments, paraments, and stoles can all be made according to a customized design.

My design process begins with a discussion about your church community and the aspects of your community that you would like to represent in your project. I will then take some time to develop one or more design ideas, which I will send to you electronically. I can send fabric swatches by mail if requested. You and your committee then decide on a design direction you like best, suggesting tweaks to the design if desired. I will then incorporate your suggestions and finalize the design.

When you approve the design and the purchase of paraments, I am usually able to deliver them in one to two months, depending on how many projects are ahead of you (rush jobs can be accommodated within reason).

When the initial designs are delivered, there is a non-refundable design charge of 10% of the estimated total cost of the finished project. When you give final approval to the project, that design charge is credited toward your final bill. Whether you proceed with the project or not, the designs remain the property of jeff wunrow designs.

Call or email me to begin the commission process. It would be an honor to work with you.

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