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Gift Registry

Gift Registry

are you about to graduate? or be ordained? celebrating an anniversary or other special occasion? our gift registry is a great way to get the gifts you want.

Is it your celebration?

browse the website and select the items you would like to receive. this can include stoles from current inventory and custom stoles and vestments. send us information about your ordination or other occasion and a photo of yourself.

we will set up a personalized webpage featuring the items on your wish list and easy ways to purchase an item or make a smaller gift. we will also provide you with an email attachment and gift registry cards that will direct your friends and family to your webpage.

your registry will be active for up to twelve weeks before and two weeks after your occasion. contact us to get started!

Are you shopping for a gift?

you will find a list of active registries with links to individual gift registry pages to the right.

if you purchase a stole that is in current inventory, that stole will be sent to you. if it is a custom item, you will receive a gift certificate for presentation to the recipient. the gift certificate can be customized with a personal message of your choice.

if you choose another gift, you will receive a gift card for presentation to the recipient.

all gift purchases must be received two weeks in advance of the celebration to guarantee timely delivery.

Gift Certificates

have someone special on your gift list but aren’t sure what to give? we have gift certificates available in any amount. each gift certificate can be personalized with a message. call or read more for details.

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