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Byzantine Stole

A Byzantine/St. Stephen’s Stole is also worn by Deacons.  It is constructed as a very long priest stole, but the center miter is worn under the right arm, with the two sides crossing over the left shoulder and then hanging down the front and back of the body.  In order to get the proper measurements, ask someone to place a fabric tape measure starting at the right side of your torso about halfway between the waist and armpit, then drape the tape up and over your shoulder.  Note the length measurement at the top of your shoulder.  Move the tape measure so it begins at that same point and drop it straight down to the back, noting the measurement where you would like the stole hem to stop.  Add those two numbers together and that is the length measurement we will use to craft your Byzantine stole.


These are photos of the fabrics we use most often. If you don’t see exactly the color you are looking for, please contact us and we will send you swatches of other color choices.

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