Jeff Wunrow is a liturgical textile artist creating beautiful handmade contemporary textiles for churches and clergy all over the world. Call us for banners, chasubles, dalmatics, paraments, clergy stoles, deacon stoles, and interfaith designs.

What Inspires Me?

 In August I will celebrate nine years of work as a liturgical artist.  I am lucky to have found a career that allows me to fully engage the creative side of my brain.  I am even luckier that I have found churches and clergy that not only share my taste in what we find beautiful, but are willing and able to invest in new items to enhance their ministries.  Over the years I have been asked where my ideas come from.  I thought it was time to share some of my inspiration.  With this blog, I will post a picture of a finished design and talk about the genesis of the idea and the design process.  I hope you will enjoy getting a deeper understanding of my work.  I also hope it will be worth your time to read it!
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