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What Inspires Me?

Japanese Design

There is a Japanese design concept called Notan, which emphasizes the juxtaposition of positive and negative space. Generally these designs are rendered in clear black and white. I thought this concept would work well incorporating my love for strong color and a variety of fabrics. The results are bold and eye-catching, and work across all […]

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True iconography is a unique artform with a rich, centuries-long tradition. It is also well beyond the scope of my artistic abilities. However, the visual style is rich with inspiration that has led me to create banners that harken to that style with detailed faces, appropriate symbols and beautiful fabrics in rich colors. There are […]

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Happy Accidents

Our popular River of Life chasuble has three “rivers” of fabric down the center. One of my stitchers made a mistake in placing the rivers and they ended up veering to the side of the neckline. After the initial concern, we decided it was a compelling variation on the theme, and our next try at […]

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I was commissioned to create a piece for an environmental foundation office in St. Louis. I chose the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers as an inspiration and—at the client’s request—created it in hand-dyed hemp fabric. The contours of the rivers are fractured to suggest the fragility of our environment, but also because the […]

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I believe strongly in religious and spiritual diversity, and I aspire to create designs that celebrate that ecumenism. This is our Solidarity stole, which combines symbols of six major world religions with a rainbow color palette. I was careful to render each symbol in a color that is important to that religion. And importantly, this […]

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Catalog Pictures

My very first project, the one that started me on the road to this career, was creating paraments for my home parish in St. Louis. I had seen an image in a church goods catalog showing all their red textiles beautifully folded and stacked. I was taken with how the different textures and patterns created […]

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Bible Stories

Every liturgical textile artist is inspired by stories from the bible. I try to challenge myself to create contemporary pieces that tell these stories in a minimal way with abstract designs that stand on their own as pieces of art. This banner tells the story of creation in seven separate panels which get visually more […]

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I was commissioned to create a set of Advent vestments for my home parish in St. Louis. I wanted to use Swarovski crystals to create a starry sky, but to take it a step further, I found an astronomy website where I could generate a map of the sky over Bethlehem in the year zero. […]

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